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Wanpeng Xu


China University of Mining and Technology 2019.8 - 2023.6

XuZhou, JiangSu

Southeast University from 2023.8

NanJing, JiangSu

English: CET-6 465

Algorithm: CCF-CSP 280

Academic Record: Score Point Average 89.76 (6/129, Top 4.65%)

Major Subjects

Political Affiliation: Member of the Communist Party of China, CPC Member

Selected Honors




Research Interests

Image Analysis

Deep Learning

Binary Security

Research & Project

Alibaba 2021 Summer Joint of Blockchain Outstanding Students

Using Solidity implement Contract Honeypot etc.2021.8-2021.9

Mathematical Optimization Course Design

Using Matlab implement One-dimensional Search, FR Conjugate Gradient and Penalty method.2021.10-2021.11

School-Enterprise Cooperation Projects

Implement a Deep Learning-based Face Recognition Attendance System for Guang Lian Technology Company.2022.4-2022.7

Fuzzing Technology Based on Snapshot Relay Execution(2022 Summer) National Second Prize

Research a Fuzzer based on Intel PIN(A Dynamic Binary Instrumentation Tool) focusing on dump file to analyze vulnerabilities automatically.2022.7-2022.9

Research on Face Anti-Spoofing(2022 Summer)

Research on Face Anti-Spoofing and reproduce paper.2022.9-Present